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Our Story

John Wee has strong passion in baking since young and was often seen in the heart of kitchen, whipping up kuehs , curry puffs and cakes during weekends.

His passion can only confined in weekends as he went on a corporate path as a banker and later as a general manager of a semiconductor corporation.

But that spark for baking eventually returned and John gave up a cushy pay job and took a sabbatical at Manhattan, New York city, spending close to a year learning the fine art of classic American baking.

After his return to Singapore, East Manhattan bakery was formed in the east of Singapore, at Katong V mall in November 2013. Serving freshly baked authentic artisanal bread, tarts and cakes to the customers which comprises of Chinese and Expatriate.

In October 2014, East Manhattan launched the online cake delivery service, expanding the cake offering to every part of Singapore.

Subsequently, John travelled to London to undergo additional training. He graduated from Le Cordon Bleu London, and brough back new skills about the fine art of baking.

In May 2018, East Manhattan further expanded the business, setting up a bakery cafe at the heart of CBD area, Hong Leong building, bringing their service to the working professional.

At East Manhattan, we believe in serving quality food in a chic environment with warm service.

Crafted in tradition, baked with devotion.