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Recruitment-The innovative way

When looking for a needle in a haystack, in a time of dire need, it is a fairly obvious assumption to look for a highly creative yet practicable mechanism to provide a solution that will yield the perfectly desired outcome. Sometimes, to get the precisely desired results, one needs to stray from the sheep mentality and try new and innovative ideas to achieve the desired growth.

If we talk about recruitment, similar to the ‘needle in a haystack’ example, we will realise that finding one single perfectly skilled person who’s meticulously in synchronisation with the smallest details of the job description defined to you, and is unique in his own way, is a task no less than extraordinary than literally finding a needle in a haystack.

It is a very common sight so see even the most lucrative of employers using the most conventional methods of recruitment through university campus drives, hotel seminars or just the plain old newspaper advertisements. Lets be honest here, nothing about any of these ideas has even a marginally higher chance of being able to find a candidate who is different; who understands your needs differently and stands apart from the herd.

Isn’t this the dream of every recruitment head, to find the best possible talent out there? Well for that, one of the most innovative recruitment solutions is to host such drives at an uncommon location. A location that will attract the most diverse crowds and keep them calm and relaxed instead of the nervousness brought on by the formal ambiance of a hotel or an office. A café would sound like a huge question mark at first, but the very idea of hosting a formal event in a comfortable and relaxed setting is bound to yield some creative and definitely unique results.

Hosting of events such as seminars by insurance companies, informational sessions by property realtor companies or recruitment drives, recruitment seminars or innovative or interactive recruitment sessions at a warm, cosy and casually vibed café will more than probably lead ton astoundingly good results.
The unique aspect of such events is that hosting them at a café can make the impression of the host being very easy-going and as a very approachable future employer; whilst the uptight environment of a corporate event in an even more formal setting neither does it let the host conduct a session which is out of the box but also gives a very restrictive and tough guy impression.

A creative yet productive recruitment drive or session can consist of modern day techniques of gauging the minds of the already diverse array of candidates present. Practical and interactive sessions which may include a thought provoking discussion or debate amongst the candidates present or the real time on the spot testing of candidates to give quick responses to customer complaints in the case of customer sales representatives recruitment. These ideas will lead to a better assessment of the frame of mind of the candidates and make it easier to judge their problem solving techniques.

East Manhattan Bakery Café is definitely a good venue to host a recruitment seminar! Its cozy and unique deco is sure to relax the participant to enable them to concentrate in what you have to say. It is also easily accessible as it is within 5 minutes walk from the Beauty World MRT station.
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If you are planning for a social networking session or speed dating event, the cafe is equally suitable.click here to learn more.

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