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Critical Success Factors for Event Venue

When planning a special event, choosing the right event venue is a top priority. The venue you choose will help set the tone of the event, and is the jumping point from which all of the details of your event will start to reveal themselves! In order to choose the right event venue, there are certain considerations you must make. Here are a few tips from event industry professionals to help you on your search.
Check out the space. This may seem obvious, but you definitely want to visit the space you’re considering before booking an event venue. Online pictures can be deceiving, and knowing how your event will fit into the space designated for your group is important. Many people make the mistake of booking an event venue that is too large for their group, and therefore looks empty once the event has begun. Alternatively, you want to ensure that the space is big enough for the group and any activities you have planned. If you are under the maximum guests, try to stay within sixty people of the event venue’s capacity, unless they offer solutions to minimize the space. This will prevent you for booking a room that is too large for your event.
Know your food options. Many event venues offer a catering menu which will help you decide the direction your event will take. Flexibility is also a great aspect to look for, when it is available. If you find an event venue that is willing to create a customise menu, or to work within their menu to help you best serve your guests, it can make the planning process much smoother.
Work within your budget. Always obtain a copy of the event contract, or, if there is no contract available, find out specific details before planning your event. Your menu will be a part of your budget, but there are other factors to consider. You must decide whether you will provide an open bar, and what the event venue’s policies on the bar may be. Some event venues will allow you to pay only for consumption, while others will charge a setup fee, or offer hourly packages. Most event venues apply a service charge and/or gratuity to the overall bill. If they do not, you will need to factor in your gratuity so that you are prepared. If you require linens, you should find out if the venue offers the service within their company, or if you need to outsource linen rental. If you would like table decorations, you need to know whether there is a setup fee, and if the event venue can provide centerpieces. Most of these decisions can be made along the way, but knowing the venue’s policies ahead of time will keep you from making a rash decision. Once you’ve factored in all of the costs of working with the event venue, you will have a better idea of what you are spending and how it works into your budget.
Find a location that is easily accessible. An event venue that is easy to find is always best for your guests. No one wants to get lost on the way to your event! If you do choose an event venue that is off the beaten path, ask the manager or owner to provide guest-friendly directions.
Choosing an event venue can be an intense process, but once you find the perfect venue, you are free to focus on the details of your event! The event venue can usually guide you through the planning process, and ensure that your special event is everything you hoped it would be.
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