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Creative Team Building Ideas (Part II)

The following team building ideas are unique and yet practical as it can be executed in any café or event hall:

6) Beats

The event venue will need to be as empty as possible, to cater enough room for all participants. Participants will be divided into five groups. The firs group will be given cooking utensils such as pots, pans, kettles, rolling pin, ladle, and spatula etc. While the second will be presented with cutleries like forks, spoons, plates, and chopsticks. The third group will be asked to hold onto mini percussion instruments like tambourines, cymbals, triangles, bells, and maracas. The fourth group holds onto whistles, and the fifth group will have small drums. Each group will be instructed to play different beats and rhythms, which eventually leads to a percussion ensemble performance.

7) Unable

Tables, chairs, and stationery are made available at the event venue for all participants to write three items on a blank sheet of paper. This will be followed by picking up a coloured ball from an enclosed box. These balls come in three different colours – red refers to the loss of speech, so participants holding onto red ball will be reframed from talking throughout the session. Blue refers to the loss of touch, so participants holding onto this colour will not be allowed to use their hands throughout the session. Lastly, yellow refers to the loss of sight, in which participants will be blinded throughout the activity. Seated in their groups of five to seven, participants will have to ask only “yes” or “no” questions, till they are able to guess the items written on one another’s papers.

8) Goodie Bag

The event venue houses tables and chairs that encourage group discussions and participants will have to form groups of five to seven. In each of their groups, participants assume the role of a goodie bag designer, brainstorming a goodie bag for the following occasions.

  1. i) You are camping in the woods with your partner but an accident happened and caused your partner to lose all his/her belongings.
  2. ii) Your car is stuck in the middle of a jam and your two children are hungry and in need of toilet.

iii) You are trapped in the lift with 10 other people for the next two hours.

Each goodie bag can only contain four items and one of the group members will need to draw a random item category card (i.e. person, trash, ball game, a piece of furniture, and a song etc.) and think of an item which falls in this category to be included as the 5th item. Group members will hence explain across the event venue to why these items are inside the goodie bag.

9) Same/different

Participants will have to sit in their groups of five to seven around tables set up within the event venue. The activity begins with finding one similarity and difference across all members in the group; this will immediately followed by finding two similarities and differences across all members in the group. The same sequence will go on until all members exhaust their similarities and differences.

10) Draw

Participants will be put into groups of five to seven around tables set up within the event venue. A cue card printed with the name of an item is placed on the forehead of one of the participants in each group. The rest of the participants in the group will have to describe to this participant, how to draw the item out, without mentioning certain keywords. For example, if the item to be drawn is car, words that are forbidden to mention will be drive/driver, wheel, passengers, car brands, names of vehicles, and manual/auto etc.

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