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Creative Team Building Ideas (Part I)

It is always a headache to come out with team building ideas that are fun and yet suitable for the masses.
Why not consider the following creative ideas, it can be held at any café or event hall.

1) Life Auction
The event venue mimics an auction hall whereby participants are seated in their groups of five to seven surrounding the auctioneer (who can be role played by a facilitator). Each group is given a piece of string with eight knobs. Each knob represents 10 years, thus eight knobs equals to a total of 80 years, which is an average life span of a person. There are several items on the auction table, in which groups can bid for using the number of knobs they are willing to spend. These items include fame, wealth, intelligence, power, relationship, kinship, friends, heir, ability to tell the future, ability to read minds, and ability to time travel etc. The base bid for all items are two knobs and item will go to the group with highest bid. After each successful bid, groups have to share across the event venue to why they are willing to pay for what they had bidded.

2) Formation
Participants are to be divided into groups of five to seven and seated in the event venue furnished with tables and chairs which ease group discussions. In each round, groups are required to form certain things like an emoticon, a garden, an iconic building (i.e. Eiffel Tower), or a scene (i.e. rainy day) etc., using items that can be found on themselves like coins, notes, stationery, mobile phones, accessories (i.e. tie, earrings, watches, or belts etc.). After completing each round, groups have to present and explain across the event venue to what they had produced.

3) Copycats
Facilitators of this activity will have to prepare beforehand by building weird structures using materials like cardboards, strings, metal scraps, bottle caps, ice cream sticks, cloth, scotch tapes, plasticine, and papers etc. Participants will hence be given a minute to examine and memorise these structures in their groups within the event venue. After which, participants are going to recreate these structures using the exact same materials. At the end of the activity, groups have to showcase and compare their creations to the originals created by facilitators, and convince across the event venue that they are the best copycat.

4) Story
Tables and chairs will need to be set up within the event venue to facilitate writing and subsequent group discussions. Each participant will first be given a pen and some cue cards. On each of the cue cards, participants are to write a noun, an adjective, a verb, an adverb, and a pronoun secretly, without showing to other participants. Thereafter, participants are to form into groups of five to seven and brainstorm to string all these words together, forming a coherent and interesting story.

5) Bet
Materials such as plastic bags, strings, scotch tapes, papers, and stationery, are laid on tables within the event venue. Coming in groups of five to seven, participants are given half an hour to make a parachute for an egg, using materials on the tables. After completion, all groups will take turn to pitch their parachute across the event venue to everyone. Members of other groups will have place real bet from $1 to $10 on these parachutes. After the bet, these parachutes containing the eggs will be thrown down from a height (preferably not higher than third floor) and see whose parachutes will be best to protect the eggs. Those who bet on the losing teams (whose eggs are cracked) will have to surrender their money to those who bet on the winning team.

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