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Creative Corporate Event Ideas

Company event committee could consider the following unique themes for a company function. These themes will definitely wow your guests as it is unconventional and yet not difficult to execute.

Theme 1: Graffiti
The event venue will be covered with canvas, drawing papers, and colouring pages, different corners will be allocated with different themes for guests to draw, write, or colour accordingly. Paint brush or drawing materials of different colours will be used as invitation cards, in which guests can use to draw freely within the café, so that at the end of the day, one can know who draw the most and who draw the least. Tokens shall be given to the most hardworking artist (i.e. the one who drew the most), or the most creative artist etc.

At the start of the event, guests will need to sign in on the thumb print guest tree, after which they will be offered either a white top or white bottom, at their choice, so that other guests can paint or write on them. Food will be served on wooden or plastic palettes and drinks will be contained in spray tin, so that guests can “spray” drinks onto their tongues directly.

Theme 2: Nerd
The event venue will become a library and guests are encouraged to wear their old uniforms (with thick black spectacles is a plus). Invitation cards will be in the form of library cards. Staff will be dress as librarians and shout “quiet” out loud occasionally. Each guest will need to bring a book wrapped in gift paper, with their names written on it. Guests’ names will also be dropped into a box to be drawn later, so that book exchange can take place. Scrabble magnets are readily available for guests to form their own poems on the walls. Food named after great writers will be served in school lunch boxes.

Theme 3: Wizard
The event venue will turn into Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, with the entrance being platform 9 ¾ and the main event area as the grand hall with floating candles. Invitation cards will look like the letters of acceptance, all guests will need to wear sorting hat before entering the grand hall so that they can be “sorted” into different houses. School ties representing each house will be distributed to each guest after sorting and they will have to select their magic wands while being blind folded.

Guests from the same house will be asked to sit together along the same tables, with food serving on big plates to be shared. Drinks will disguise as potions contained in bottles of different sizes, with Butterbeer and jelly bean (i.e. Bertie Bott’s every flavor beans) available on the menu too. While meals are served, guests will be taught and asked to practice certain magical spells or to learn about different monsters. Staff will be dress as “Professors” so that they can ask individual guest to recite certain spells. Guests who manage to do so will be awarded points to their respective houses.

Theme 4: Black and White
Turn the event venue in complete darkness, no light or illuminating devices will be allowed until further instruction. Invitation cards will come in the form of a penlight and guests are supposed to dress in white. Guests will be blind folded while being led to their designated seats. Guests are encourage to mingle with strangers around them without seeing their faces and enjoy the starter cum main in similar manner. After which, with the help of the penlight, guests will be asked to rate their new friends and also the food which they had just tasted on a piece of paper. Lights will only be on after all guests had completed this step.

Guests will enjoy their dessert and continue their interaction with their new friends under lights on condition. Guests will hence be asked to rate their experience again. A comparison can be made at the end of the event.

Theme 5: Social Media
Divide the event venue into four different corners of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Line. Each corner will be decorated with features aligned or with a twist to that particular social media platform. For example, in the Facebook corner, there will be a gigantic wall for guests to write their thoughts on. Guests will be given blue colour stickers printed with their names, to be given out to other guests so as to be friend them. Stickers with the “thumb up like”, “thumb down dislike”, and various emoticons will also be distributed to guests to indicate their feelings towards certain posts on the giant wall. Staff will be dress in the colour of these social media platform to ensure they are constantly “updated”.

Every guest will be given a Polaroid to capture the moments throughout the event, so that they can share these photos on the platforms. Different photo backdrops (e.g. fake Polaroid frame, flower background, chalkboard etc.) will be set up within the café for guests to exercise their creativity. Light snacks will be served at each of the four social media corners but guests can make special orders via ipad. Invitation card will be sent via social media too. To add to the fun, guests will be encourage to share their experiences on the actual platforms.

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