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Corporate Event, New Ideas

Are you looking for an unique venue to host your upcoming annual corporate event?

Are you searching for new idea and new theme?

We hope the following themes can provide you with new idea :



The company could create a new era to the cafes atmosphere. The idea suggests that the restaurant could change its environment to completely like olden times. The waiters could wear traditional clothes and Radios can be set on every individual customer’s table as this gives a very vintage look. Old classical songs can be played adding a perfect classic atmosphere to the café!



The theme suggests a very “royal” look. The company should offer a whole royal set to its café, by changing the seats to glamorous comfortable sofas. Fake crowns could be made and be given to each individual and request them to wear it while they are in the café. The guard at the entrance can wear a perfect royal suit. Trumpets can be blown just as the customers enter the café providing a majestic effect to the place. Food can be served in big golden and silver platter. Such a theme would be idle for wedding celebrations. Guests get a feeling of a royal treatment while they eat at the café. A short time to pamper themselves. In addition to meals, short massages could also be offered as a part of this theme to make it more royal.



The title explains it all. This is a cowboy style based theme. The company should offer to make Statues of horses that can be put at the corners of the restaurant so that the theme is recognisable. Waiters could give themselves a cow boyish look by wearing hats. And each customer can be given props to wear, a gun belt and a hat. And at the corner of the café the company could provide a bar, where cocktails and different non-alcoholic drinks can be served to customers liking, and games like snooker and poker can also be added to give it a solid cowboy theme.



Everyone loves James bond, the classic hero. The company can add things similar to James bond’s movies. A board can be set on the cafes door, where all customers are requested to come in Suit. Soundtracks from the famous James bond’s movie would provide a classy look to the cafes surrounding.



It’s a little different from the rest. The theme suggests that everything should be in black and white, from furniture to serving items. The company could order Professional photographers to take pictures of customers (the willing ones) in black and white only as per the theme.



This theme can be used for couples particularly. The company could establish and give the restaurant an utter romantic appearance, where special flowers can be set on particular tables for them. The company could also provide the service of giving free pastries to the couples and adding their names to it. A real catchy theme for marriages and wedding celebrations.



The theme represents “a stone age” period, where any sort of electronic device is not allowed to use. The customers can be requested to turn off their cell phones and not use it while they are, still in the café. And instead of money services might be listed with price. This means customers can provide a service to the café equivalent to the value of their bill. Also, customers might be given an option to exchange gold to the value equivalent to the bill.



Star wars is no new thing, and the company could create a whole star wars world to its restaurant. Waiters can wear the characters masks, and customers can be given the prop to enjoy the cafés theme. The popular flashing swords would be of great use as well.



Instead of a table, the café can be set with a decorated carpet for serving food for each individual, with props like the famous lamp. The lamps could be attached with a bell, so when the customer needs something, they will ring the bell, and waiters of the café would come, dressed as a genie the servant. It would give a good unique taste to the atmosphere.



The theme suggests, “A Charlie Chaplin” show, instead of talking every individual should either write or signal what they want to say with a hand gesture, but no talking. This will also aid in a quiet and peaceful environment for those who are looking for it. It will also be of an additional appeal to the dumb people who will not find themselves alienated in this café.

The cafes staff could dress as the famous Charlie Chaplin and the customers can be provided with props of Charlie’s moustache and his famous walking stick.

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