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5 Unique Corporate Event Themes

Theme 1: Aviation
The café will be transformed into the interior of a Boeing 777, with staff dressed in cabin crew uniforms, and two designated areas as “check-in counter” and “departure lounge”. Instead of invitation cards, all guests will be issued with “air-tickets”, with their names, flight number, flying time, and venue clearly printed. Upon arrival at the café’s entrance, guests will need to “check in” by exchanging their tickets with boarding passes, before making their way to the departure lounge, in which light snacks will be served, and they can mingle among themselves.

Announcement will be made for guests to “board their flight”. Tables and chairs in the main event area will be arranged into rows of three by four by three seats (i.e. imitates the seating plan within a Boeing 777), with dimly lit, narrow corridors, and artificial windows on both sides that can be slide up and down. All back of the seats should also come with tray tables and seat pockets with magazines, paper bags, and safety instructions, while safety belts, pillows, and blankets are ready at the front of each seat.

During “takeoff”, cabin crew and captain will take turn to greet all guests, and safety instructions on how to wear the seat belt and life vest, the locations of exits and lights along the corridors will be broadcast. In-flight entertainments will be provided to all guests; they can come in two forms – first being the electronic gadgets like ipad, MP3, Xbox, or Wii etc. Second will be the more traditional ones such as monopoly, poker cards, or board games. A movie screen shall be placed at the front of all seats as additional option.

Food and drinks will be placed in push carts, with hot towels and drinks served before meals. Staff will need to go row by row and ask guests’ for their food and beverage preferences. Presentation of meals will also imitate the actual flight meals, with different compartments containing main, sides, fruits, and desserts. At the end of which, duty free gift purchase is available for guests to enjoy some in-flight shopping.

To add to the overall experience, captain or cabin crew may announce occasional emergencies such as “the request for doctors” or “the flight is passing through some thick clouds whereby turbulence may occur” etc. Guests are also welcome to select their seats or preferred meal types, prior to the flight.

Theme 2: Science Laboratory
The café will take up the design of a science laboratory, with rows of tables imprinted with periodic tables or scientific symbols and wooden high chairs. Science lab related equipment such as test tubes contained in test tube racks, Bunsen burners, funnels, syringes, droppers, beakers, flasks, petri dishes, burettes, and microscopes shall be placed on tables. All staff and guests will be wearing white coats and safety goggles, with name tags starting with “Professors”, “Drs.” or “Scientists”, being pinned on all coats.

Invitation cards will come in different designs mimicking different parts of human body, from heart, lungs, brain, bones, to stomach etc. Upon arrival, guests can try their best to assemble each of these body parts together, to form a full body human. Those who do so successfully will be awarded with tokens or they can allocate their own seats.

Food will be served “during experiment”, with drinks coming in test tubes, syringes, or packets of blood form, while starters contain in petri dishes, and main in beakers etc. Instead of usual cutleries, surgeon knives can be used. Meals, especially mains, can come in the shape of animals, so that guests can have a taste of how “dissection” takes place. Each item on the menu can also be named after a great scientist (i.e. Albert Einstein, Thomas Edison, Galileo Galilei etc.). Guests will need to record their “experimental progress” on the given clipboard (e.g. How do you find Albert Einstein (starter)? With bonus questions such as “which year was light bulb being invented?” ask and guests can win small token if they are able to answer them correctly).

Theme 3: War Zone
The café turns into a mega war zone, with tent (army), battleship (navy), fighter plane (air force), and bed with IV pole stand (hospital) being set up. Invitation cards will take the form of a ration card or war time recruitment posters. Guests will be randomly given a role sticker at the start of the event. Guests that were allocated to be an army officer will be given a cardboard rifle; while navy officer will wear a sailor hat, air force officer armed with a pair of pilot goggles, and doctors will be wearing stethoscopes.

On top of these, an instruction sheet will also be given to all guests, indicating the kind of words they should use during the event (i.e. for army officer – army language or army songs, navy officer – Morse code, air force –aviation terms, and doctors – medical terms etc.). Staff will be dress up as the enemy; they will make their appearance suddenly by tearing away guests’ stickers. Those with torn stickers will be seen as casualties and to be sent to the hospital for immediate treatment (i.e. exchange of a new role sticker).

Meal will be served in army ration style; guests will have to sing their battalion song (while doctors will have to recite the Hippocratic Oath) before eating, and they will either have their meals in the tent, on the battleship, inside the fighter plane, or on hospital beds.

Theme 4: Cereal Killer
Guests are supposed to come in pajamas with mini cereal boxes as their invitation cards. Food will be served in buffet style with breakfast items such as pancakes, fruits, waffles, scrambled eggs, ham, and bread available for selection. There is no designated seat; guests are allowed to roam around freely.

Guests will be given a white card and a red card at the start of the event. The white cards will indicate guests’ roles (either a cereal brand or the word “killer”) and red cards are blank. Guests are not supposed to reveal the content of their white cards. Those with the same cereal name printed on their white cards will need to gather together eventually at the same table, while those who are killers will need to stop cereal of the same name from gathering together. Everyone will need to write down, on the red card, the name of a person who they think is the killer. Winner will go out to those who guess the right killers or the group of cereal which had come together successfully.

To add to the fun, staff will also be assigned the role of cereal brand or killer, they will write hints on various green colour cards and embed them within the café for guests to search upon.

Theme 5: Zooniversity
The café will become a forest, with wooden logs as tables and chairs and food served on palm leaves. Guests will receive invitation cards with different animal prints. Upon arrival, guests will be given animal print masks to be worn throughout the event. Large animal soft toys will be place around the main event area for guests to take photos with. Staff will become zoo keepers and teach guests to speak different animal languages.

The above 5 unique themes are sure to “wow” your guests, need more ideas? check out other suggestions.

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