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21st birthday, lets have fun!

When you say fun ways to celebrate your birthday regardless of gender, few ideas that always come to our mind are;

Some of you maybe thinking of :

But the question that we always need to consider is “budget, budget, budget”, after considering the budget we didn’t realize that instead of excitement and fun for planning the celebration, it tends to be another stressful day, Let’s be realistic here and let me share with you a few ideas to celebrate your birthday in a fun, memorable and affordable way.

a-   If you’re planning for your own party, don’t forget to consider who will attend your party.

b-   If you’re planning for someone else party, do always consider what will make this person happy.

Who do you want to be with you on that special day?

What is the budget?

Here are some ideas that you may consider

a. Book a cozy and exclusive Restaurant to celebrate with your loved one and family,  you can celebrate without having other stranger in the event venue, and you can decorate the venue the way you like it to be. At East Manhattan bakery café, you can have a closed door event that start with as low as $1000.

b.   Create an old fashion way of creating a Birthday Card and do not rely on the computer, copy, paste and print. It is always a priceless value to someone who receive it. When is the last time you write a letter or note to someone?, aside from putting sticky notes addressing to your colleague?

c. Simply bring your loved one to a movie night or Kara OK session, which is fun and affordable!

21st birthday, plan it the way you want! To book East Manhattan Bakery Café event venue, click on the link.


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