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10 Creative Ideas for Christmas Celebration

Christmas is fast approaching! To add more fun to the usual Christmas celebration (which usually consists of exchange gifts and common dine out), we list down 10 creative ideas for you to try this coming holidays:
1. Chubby Bunny
 All you need is a couple of bags of marshmallows. Players will pop up the marshmallows into their mouth without chewing and swallowing it, then say “chubby bunny” comprehensibly. The players have to add one marshmallow every round (marshmallows still stuffed on their mouth then say chubby bunny clearly) until only one player is left as the chubby bunny.
2. Smart Guess (from the game – Pinoy Henyo)
You can play this as one team, but it is better if you split into two. A moderator will write topics on separate piece of papers. A member (Player 1) from the team will sit across another teammate (player 2) and the moderator will stick the paper on player 1’s forehead so that everyone can see the topic except for player 1 For 2 minutes, player 2 will have to guess what the topic is by asking player 1 questions like describing it or the category of this (e.g. food?, people?, things?) that may only be answered by strictly yes, no or maybe. Which ever team has the fastest time to guess the topic wins.
3. Flip Cup
For 6 or more players. You need cups and drinks (beer, juice etc) and a table. Divide the number of players into 2 teams evenly. Place a cup in front of each player and fill 1/3 of it with drinks. Everyone should have the exact same amount. Starting at one end of the table, the first player in each team will drink the entire content as fast as possible and as soon as the cup is empty, they must place it in the edge of the table and flip it over by flicking it from the bottom with only one finger. Only until the player successfully flips it upside down can the next player progress. The first team to finish wins.
4. Balloon Relay
For 6 or more players. Divide the number of players into 2 teams evenly as you need to partner up. With your partner, walk or run side by side to the finish line while balancing a pair of balloons between yourselves without using your hands. Once you reach the end, walk back to the starting line. both of you should pop up the balloons together without using hands. The next pair can only proceed once the first pair managed to pop the balloon.
5. Cherry Pie
Set a plate with 8 cherries topped with whipped cream so that the cherries are in the bottom of the plate. The first to eat all 8 cherries wins. Note that they must do this with their hands tied in their backs and using only their mouth.
6. Twerk it
You need a empty box of tissue and pingpong balls. Put all the pingpong balls inside the tissue box and using a thread or rope, tie it at each player’s back (just above the the player’s butt). The objective is to get rid of the pingpong balls inside the box. You can do anything from shaking or twerking. First player to empty the box wins.
7. Bottoms up
Fastest player to finish a bottle of beer wins
8. Sweet tooth
The candy should be tied in a thread not longer than 1 meter. The other end of the thread should be in the player’s mouth. (candy should be hanging up to their belly button) When the clock starts, players will bite the thread onto their mouth until the candy slowly reach their mouth.
9.  Crack that egg
This should be played in pairs. (Minimum of 3). The pairs should each have eggs wrapped in a small clear plastic bag and tied into their hips (thread should be knee-length) so that the eggs are hanging on knee-length from hips. Facing each other, the objective is for both eggs to be cracked without using hands.
10. Lemon Relay
For 10 or more players, divide into two teams. each player should have a spoon in their mouths. The first member will race to the designated spot while trying to balance the lemon in the spoon and then back to the starting point where he/she will relay the lemon to the next player thru spoon. The first team to finish wins.
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